Historic Los Angeles: Reflections on Its Heritage, explores various periods in the history of Los Angeles. Experts in their field will discuss many topics on the history of Mission San Gabriel Archangel, El Pueblo De Los Angeles State Historic Park, George C. Page Museum, and the Southwest Museum. Topics include, the period before civilization when the saber-toothed tiger and the wooly mammoth roamed; many Southwest Indian tribes and their traditions will be discussed throughout the course; tour of Mission San Gabriel including stories of Mission history; discussions of the beginnings of Los Angeles as a city and tour of the El Pueblo; tour and discussions of Indian artifacts at the Southwest Museum including a discussion of the founder. The purpose of the course is to help teachers become more familiar with the history of Los Angeles, from its early beginnings through the period when it became more familiar. Students are required to watch videos which discuss the historic points of interest in Los Angeles. Students will read portions of La Reina: Los Angeles in Three Centuries, as well as other journal articles on topics related to the course. Students will complete assignments correlating to the videos and readings. Assignments incorporating technological applications into lessons will help teachers become familiar with using technology in social studies lessons. Assignments will help students build resources they can use with their students.