California Mission Period: 1769 - Secularization is designed to help teachers become more knowledgeable about California's Mission Period, that period of time from 1796 to the 1830s when secularization took place. The purpose of this course is to help teachers become more familiar with important aspects of the Mission Period, including reasons why Spain founded the missions, methods used to encourage the natives to live at the missions, mission music, economics, architecture, religion, trades taught at the mission, treatment of natives living at the missions, and those persons associated with the founding of the missions. 

Teachers will listen to oral interviews from experts, about the different aspects of Mission life, be introduced to many different technological applications to assist in teaching about the Mission Period, read the course text, explore websites related to the missions, and watch videos related to Mission history. Teachers will be able to take away the skills learned in this course directly back to their classrooms for practical use. 

NOTE: Required book must be purchased separately.