This course explores the uses and functions of estuaries. These coastal environments not only provide habitats for marine life but are economically important and also have high recreational and aesthetic value. You will learn how fragile these environments are in the face of urbanization and the importance of protecting and preserving these treasures. Due to the fact that the San Francisco Bay has the designation of being the most heavily invaded estuary in the world, it serves as an excellent example to illustrate the processes that operate in estuaries and the influence of human activities. You will have the opportunity to examine and apply the Next Generation Science Standards, as well as the connections between the NGSS and the Common Core, as you develop lessons and activities to enrich your science curriculum. The rich, engaging environment of the online classroom will allow you to connect with other educators as you share resources, lessons and ideas. Visiting the San Francisco Bay area, or another estuary, is optional and textbook is to be purchased separately.