In this online course teachers will be introduced to strategies for instructing students in Common Core State Standards Reading Lessons. Teachers in this class will become familiar with designing lessons by differentiating instruction, using complex literature and informational text, and creating a full unit curriculum map and lesson plan. At the end of this course teachers will leave with practical strategies to use in their classroom. Additionally, they will create a unit based on the Common Core State Standards that can immediately be used with their students.

Through the course text, Pathways to the Common Core: Accelerating Achievement teachers will explore The Common Core Reading Standards and how to implement them in their classrooms. The instructor, Jeromy Winter, will provide real classroom examples of how he is currently incorporating the Common Core Standards with his students. Teachers will look at and become familiar with examples of CCSS curriculum maps and lesson plans.

Teachers will gain knowledge about the development of the Common Core and become acquainted with what the standards can accomplish. Key shifts in transitioning to the Common Core will be explored. This course will answer questions as to the organization of the Common Core Standards, as well as provide knowledge on how to make the transition to the CCSS.