This course serves as the culminating experience to the CUE Digital Innovator Program.  Throughout the program, participants have been engaging with tools and resources as they developed their own personal branding through a public-facing professional project. This course ties all courses together through a capstone portfolio project demonstrating expertise in innovative education, that those who complete the certificate will carry on well beyond their time in the program.

This course, the fourth of the CUEDI,  focuses on  4 mandatory online workshops.  CUE has arranged Lead Learners who are experts in using mobile technologies to facilitate the workshops. The workshops are intended to be interactive so please have your mobile device ready and come prepared to create, and ask questions.

This course will provide in-depth instruction on Google tools from search basics to Sites, Docs, Maps, Earth, Classroom, Apps in Education, YouTube and even more. Led by Google Certified Innovators this course will give participants the skills, tools and resources necessary to successfully infuse their curriculum with these powerful applications.

This course will focus on a range of cutting-edge technology tools to advance student achievement across the curriculum. The curriculum will utilize various technologies while keeping the focus on effective use of technology. These revolutionary tools transform pedagogy, but they are often used ineffectively to automate instruction rather than enhance it. This course will examine these disruptive technologies and share best use strategies for their use.
This course serves as the foundation course to the Digital Innovator Program (CUEDI) and an introduction to the tools and technology utilized throughout the program. Course participants will gain practical "hands-on" experience using Moodle, and other technologies used throughout the program. In addition the culminating experience, the CUEDI Final Project, will be discussed. Participants will also become part of an active network of educational professionals whose goal is to advance education through technology.