(Free preview to Instructional Strategies for the Classroom)  

Enhance student achievement with Robert Marzano's 1998 and 2010 Instructional Strategy research.  Hands on classroom application will integrate nine instructional strategies leading to maximum gains in education, applicable for grades K through 12, in all subject areas.  The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Core Proposition and Common Core State Standards to Support English Language Arts are aligned to support this course. 

Just think about it !This free introductory course explores the relationship between learning, memory, and thinking in the 21st Century and provides a preview of resources and learning activities available in the full 3-unit course.  The 3-unit course offers K-12 teachers a unique opportunity to investigate dozens and dozens of practical thinking strategies designed to excite the learner and engage the mind. Teachers exit the course with a personalized toolkit packed full of ideas and useful resources aligned with the new Common Core State (CCSS) and College and Career Readiness (CCR) standards

Words, words, words ! This free introductory course provides background information on teaching for memory retention and direct instruction of vocabulary. The full 3-unit course shows teachers how to identify the right terms for intense, direct instruction and explains how to teach so students remember. The course aligns with the new Common Core Standards (CCSS) and is applicable, K-adult, all core curriculum areas.

Motivation, effort, interest and desire to learn are key to student success. This free introductory course explores the role motivation plays in learning and retaining information. The full 3-unit course is full of ideas designed to increase student engagement in relevant learning activities. Resources and activities align with the new Common Core Standards (CCSS) to help prepare both the student and educator for the challenging work of the 21st Century, in K-12 classrooms, all core curriculum areas.

This workshop is designed for anyone who has been swayed by excellent customer service and went away astounded and thankful and wowed; or who pulled out a tissue because the client service experienced could quite possibly become an urban legend and you want to be a part of it. This is your chance to spread a little goodwill for the good of CPD or your own institution as well as the good of you. The highly interactive and engaging workshop was created to let you dip your toes into the Appreciative Inquiry waters and give you tools for personal and job satisfaction. Everyone likes to share positive and appreciative peak experiences; together we can take the stories and experiences and help to create 5-Star Concierge Service Centers!

You taught it, but how do you know they got it?

This free introductory course investigates challenges faced by students of poverty and second language learners and explains the importance checks for student understanding play in learning. In the full 3-unit course, K-12 teachers explore a rich variety of informal monitoring strategies and exit the course wth a personalized kit packed full of practical tools. Course aligns with new Common Core State (CCSS) and College and Career Readiness (CCR) standards.

Get an inside look at MAT-928 Technology Enhanced Math Learning! This free preview gives an overview of the course and takes you through one of the learning modules. The full version of MAT-928 will help you select appropriate technology tools, evaluate their effectiveness with students, and design instruction to utilize these tools in your mathematics teaching.

WATER is a live demonstration course from demo.moodle.org - of using a range of standard features of Moodle on a topic that affects the entire world - water!

In April 2010, 40 participants created sample student data for this course. The course is available to enter, play in, even download for your own purposes at http://demo.moodle.org.

This and alike courses will become a part of Moodle education-demo site, running Moodle 2.0.