CPD-1000: CPD Connect 

Discover how the minds of your students acquire, process, store, and retrieve information. This course includes a fascinating, 24-video lecture series from The Great Courses that covers topics on learning theories, learning strategies, learning language, learning styles, the role of emotion in learning, cultivating desire to learn, and the domains of learning. This course will not only provide valuable, research-based learning theory, but will allow you the opportunity to make practical application to your teaching.

The Earth’s ocean is its most significant feature. Taking up more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, our ocean is essential for life on this planet. It provides approximately 2/3 of the oxygen we breathe, and it helps control and regulate our climate. Life on this planet evolved in our ocean almost 4 billion years ago. The ocean has nurtured life ever since, to the point today that 25% of all species on this planet currently lives in the ocean, although scientists believe that we may have only discovered 10% of the ocean’s species diversity. This course uses an ecological perspective to review the extraordinary diversity of life in the ocean, ultimately examining the extraordinary diversity of marine mammals that act as apex predators in this fascinating ecosystem.

Our understanding of the American West has moved far beyond pop culture in recent years. The brutal conflict between cowboys and Indians. Dusty, dangerous outposts policed by vigilante justice. The six-shooter showdown at high noon. Daring railroad heists and arduous cattle drives. These and other scenes from countless Western films have so shaped our conception of the American West that it’s impossible to separate myth from reality. But how wild was the West? Was it really ever “won”? Designed to shine a light on the American frontier, the course enables you to experience the grit and grandeur of an epic period in American history. It uncovers new historical angles and perspectives about events and themes ranging from the Lewis and Clark expedition to the Indian Removal Act to the creation of America's first national parks. You'll cover more than 200 years of history and the most important.